Thursday, March 01, 2007


(Release on 1 June 2006)

I designed locket since early Dec 2005. Till now I have like 10 locket styles in total while some retired. This Music locket is just can be found in my Le'Cameo line & Kid line. This was my 2nd Locket creations that released on early June 2006. This is a custom made necklace so need to get the order form & fill in , then send to me. What special is this Locket?
  • Gold/ Silver Version
  • around 100 cameo for your selection when order
  • Openable locket with music (music can be select from main store when order)
  • changeable picture inside
  • engrave sweet wording inside
  • particles spread out from the locket by command ( about 30 particles for your selection when order)
  • the necklace is transfer only

Sweet & nice design as gift to your lovers , your parents, your friends or your little princess! As my crafting skill improve a lot now, the cameo pendant is more small than before.

Where to get order form? :- Le'Cameo Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz


Hoang said...

Hi, can you tell me how else to get the order form? I have no idea what Le'Bear Castle is. Thanks!

bao said...

hi, i also want to get an order form?? i really want to have one, pls reply me and provide me some information for ordering, thanks for your concern

Alienbear Gupte said...

Since I need to redo the design of this locket, I temporary took away this design till further notice. sorry about that. Thx for interested in this design :)

bao said...

ermm... i need it for next month at december, when you new design come out??