Thursday, March 01, 2007


(Release on 1 Jan 2007)

I design this in the early Nov 2006. This design is a modify version of my first Cameo Velvet choker. But this one is sell as a set. I designed the earring to match the choker also. Have over 30 cameo for your selections. Well will be over 70 as I am too busy on my BijouxOr design line, I still not edit all cameo to this choker set. Well this is not too familiar but I recieve tons of compliement. May be my Le'Cameo store is in a bad locations so no one know about this line lol & yes, the metal pattern was handrafting by prims. I try to make all parts look real.
Available at Le'cameo Castle Store at Le'Bear Castle. Or just visit my online shop at slboutique. I put all there. Want to find a nice Victorian Dress to match it? Go to "Silver Rose Design" in World. That is the best Prim Victorian/ Princess/ Lolita dress store in SL I can say!!

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