Thursday, March 01, 2007


(Released on 12 Mar 2006)

(Retired Items)

Cameo & Pearl are always the perfect match! After I make that Black Velvet Choker, I design this Pearls with Cameo in the early March 2006. Pearl is a very difficult jewelry to make in SL & so I make all pearls texture keep moving lol I came out great. It look like real pearls when you are wearing. I made 3 pearls colour including creamy, pink & black. With 8 Cameo for selections :) Well but then I find that I set something wrong on the pearls haha. As in last year March, I am still very new on crafting items. I just keep trying & test , trying & test... I find that as my grahic card was just in 64 bit, I can't see the brightness setting on the texture. Someone told me "Ali, check your texture setting, you make the pearl look like a metalic little balls.. " hahaha & so I tried to modified it & then place out for sale again. Well! This is a very popular items in my store too. But then more longer I played SL , more picky I am. I found this prim work still not perfect so I do a half price sale in Dec 2006 & then retired this items this year lol
Well, I recieve so many im ask me if I still have this design lol Because of this, I may modify this design a bit & make more cameo selections soon. Hehe!! Keep checking my blog , maybe you will find this in my store again!!!


Ana Lutetia said...

aawwww... Do you still have the Black Velvet Choker...?
(I love cameos and pearls)

Ana Lutetia said...

sorry... I meant the Cameo with the black pearls and cat

Alienbear Gupte said...

No worry, I am now redoing all my old design so just give me some times, I will remake it soon :D
& glad you love it