Thursday, September 27, 2007

Close for interior renovation.

Le'Cameo Main store in Le'Bear Castle will be close for interior renovation from today till further notice. I will stop proceeding any Custom Musical Cameo Locket Orders till finish all interior redecoration. For the THIN BLACK VELVET CAMEO CHOKER SET, you can still buy from my My online shop at Shop Onrez by searching "le'cameo" .

Thanks for keep supporting Le'Cameo Store.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Main store new location

Le'cameo Main store now moved to a newly built castle at Le'Bear Castle Bratz.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


(Release on 1 June 2006)

I designed locket since early Dec 2005. Till now I have like 10 locket styles in total while some retired. This Music locket is just can be found in my Le'Cameo line & Kid line. This was my 2nd Locket creations that released on early June 2006. This is a custom made necklace so need to get the order form & fill in , then send to me. What special is this Locket?
  • Gold/ Silver Version
  • around 100 cameo for your selection when order
  • Openable locket with music (music can be select from main store when order)
  • changeable picture inside
  • engrave sweet wording inside
  • particles spread out from the locket by command ( about 30 particles for your selection when order)
  • the necklace is transfer only

Sweet & nice design as gift to your lovers , your parents, your friends or your little princess! As my crafting skill improve a lot now, the cameo pendant is more small than before.

Where to get order form? :- Le'Cameo Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz


(Release on 1 Jan 2007)

I design this in the early Nov 2006. This design is a modify version of my first Cameo Velvet choker. But this one is sell as a set. I designed the earring to match the choker also. Have over 30 cameo for your selections. Well will be over 70 as I am too busy on my BijouxOr design line, I still not edit all cameo to this choker set. Well this is not too familiar but I recieve tons of compliement. May be my Le'Cameo store is in a bad locations so no one know about this line lol & yes, the metal pattern was handrafting by prims. I try to make all parts look real.
Available at Le'cameo Castle Store at Le'Bear Castle. Or just visit my online shop at slboutique. I put all there. Want to find a nice Victorian Dress to match it? Go to "Silver Rose Design" in World. That is the best Prim Victorian/ Princess/ Lolita dress store in SL I can say!!


(Released on 12 Mar 2006)

(Retired Items)

Cameo & Pearl are always the perfect match! After I make that Black Velvet Choker, I design this Pearls with Cameo in the early March 2006. Pearl is a very difficult jewelry to make in SL & so I make all pearls texture keep moving lol I came out great. It look like real pearls when you are wearing. I made 3 pearls colour including creamy, pink & black. With 8 Cameo for selections :) Well but then I find that I set something wrong on the pearls haha. As in last year March, I am still very new on crafting items. I just keep trying & test , trying & test... I find that as my grahic card was just in 64 bit, I can't see the brightness setting on the texture. Someone told me "Ali, check your texture setting, you make the pearl look like a metalic little balls.. " hahaha & so I tried to modified it & then place out for sale again. Well! This is a very popular items in my store too. But then more longer I played SL , more picky I am. I found this prim work still not perfect so I do a half price sale in Dec 2006 & then retired this items this year lol
Well, I recieve so many im ask me if I still have this design lol Because of this, I may modify this design a bit & make more cameo selections soon. Hehe!! Keep checking my blog , maybe you will find this in my store again!!!


(Released on 1 Mar 2006)

(Retired Items)

This was my March 2006 Design. You can see that the prim work is kinda rough but you can see that the metal pattern around the cameo are all crafted by prims. There was 8 cameos for selections. It was very elegant when you use to match the Victorian Style outfit. It was a very popular items. But as my work keep improving, I start feeling it is kinda weird to chok the neck like that. So I retired this items.